How to cut like a butcher

How to cut like a butcher

Going against the grain.

Slicing your rump correctly can be the difference between you savouring a well-prepared piece of meat – Fat Butcher Style – or straining your jaws over a tough rump.

It pays to know your grain.

First things first - make sure you know what direction the grain of your rump cut is facing. This can be easily done by finding the natural North-South lines of the rump tissue. These parallel lines that run along your slice of meat are the rump’s grain.

Using a sharp knife, line up your blade to run in the opposite direction to the meat’s grain. Firmly slice your cut of rump in this East-West direction, against the grain. Slicing against the grain not only maintains the structure of your rump, but also avoids a grainy, tough piece of meat resulting from slicing with the grain.

Pro tip: Slicing against the grain will only get you halfway to indulging in your meal – remember to start off strong with a great quality piece of meat, available from the FB Butchery.

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