FB Preferred Beef

Chalmar Beef - The Fat Butcher's preferred Brand

At The Fat Butcher, we source our meat directly from Chalmar Beef. The owner-operated farm has a feedlot capacity of 20 000 cattle with a further 19 000 cattle on pasture. All operations are powered by passionate people dedicated to producing quality beef since 1969. 

The farm also produces maize silage on 1000ha of high potential soil. The grain feeding for the cattle is an exact science which requires dedication and hard work, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. It is a full vertical integration with no compromises. 

Crop Production - Maize, soybeans, sorghum, and the manure from feedlot - the backbone of the fertilisation programme on the pastures and crop soils - are regularly analysed and adapted to create a customise fertilisation programme.

Feedlot - Cattle are fed a balanced diet formulated by expert feedlot nutritionists. The right amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibre and energy are given to the cattle to ensure a healthy and strong immune system; maximising the animals growth potential.

The Cattle - Chalmar beef focuses on producing consistently tender and juicy beef. Because they do not buy market ready cattle from other feedlot producers, they have complete control over the production process from feedlot to abattoir.

Pasture Reared - All young calves under 200kg’s are pasture reared for 3 to 5 months before entering the feedlot. Here calves receive supplemental feeding containing all the nutrients required to building a healthy and strong immune system.

Sustainable Farming By using various integrated processes in their daily operations, Charmer Beef focuses on Recycling Water, Continuous Monitoring, Fertilisation Programme, Social Contribution.

Fully Integrated Company - Chalmar Beef has a philosophy of promoting people from within the ranks. This necessitates the early identification of potential in people, providing them with amble opportunity to excel through skills development and training.

Quality Commitment through Stress Management: High-stress levels in cattle result in poor quality beef therefore stress elimination is one of the main aims in cattle farming. By walking the cattle to the abattoir Charmer Beef maintains a controlled and stress-free environment. 

Traceability - Traceability is of paramount important when running an effective Food Safety Management System. Charmer Beef makes use of the RFID system, marking all animals as soon as they enter feedlot.