Picanha on the braai

Picanha on the braai

It's a beautiful and clear afternoon, your significant other has just arrived back home with a fresh, juicy piece of picanha. They hand it over to you and say “I want it just like they do it at Fat Butcher”.

IMMEDIATE PANIC! The steaks are high.

We understand that the pressure of being the braai master is immense. Fear not! We are here to guide you through the process of producing a simple but succulent picanha on the braai.


Start by scoring the picanha on both sides about 1cm deep. Making sure to go in the opposite directions on each sides so as to not cut through the steak.

Next, the seasoning. The picanha is a star by itself; it has a deep, rich flavour which is heightened when grilled over a high heat, so all you are going to need is some Maldon salt and rosemary leaves. 

Now it’s time to braai.

Place your picanha fat side down over hot coals. Once you have caramelised the fat into a dark golden colour, turn the steak over and place it over mediums heat coals. Cook for 15-20 or until your temperate preference.

braai steak