Homemade Beef Patties

Homemade Beef Patties

Pas de deux: dance between bun and patty

Anyone that has indulged in a Fat Butcher meal, or just great food in general, will agree that food is no mere dietary need. Food is a work of art. It is a performance made up of a thousand different acts that come together in a spectacular ensemble.

The perfect hamburger is a class act. It is a ballet and the main dance is a pas de deux between the bun and patty. The bun, soft and sweet, light in its touch wins the award for best supporting roll as it holds the patty up; elevating it to a higher standard. The patty, our leading lady. She is voluptuous, exquisite and meaty. Rounded in flavour and thick in touch. The star of the show.

Okay, enough with the song and dance - let's give you what you came for. Below lies the recipe for the perfect patty. 


  • Mince (The beef we use to make the mince is Chalmer beef thick-flank, top-side. Ideal for patty building because of the 80/20 meat to fat ratio). 
  • Tomato cocktail x 1 tin
  • Salt
  • Black pepper 



  • In a bowl add the mince, the tomato cocktail, salt and black pepper.
  • Gently mixed everything together
  • Form a ball of roughly 200g and shape into patty
  • Individually cling wrap each patty and place in the refrigerator.
  • Rest for half a day to a day

And as easy as that you have your perfect patty. Enjoy.