Cooking Temperatures

Cooking Temperatures

When it comes to knowledge on meat and how to cook it The Fat Butcher has a PhD. Get your Degree in Doneness by studying these simple guidelines.


There are 6 “doneness” preferences:


Blue, this is when the steak is gently seared, leaving it raw and completely red inside. The steak should be cooked at 26-38 degrees C to ensure this level of doneness.


Rare, this is how the beef purists like their meat, with 70% of redness inside. The best temperature to cook this would be from 49-51 degrees C.


Medium rare, this is referred to as “the best way to cook a steak” and is also The Fat Butcher’s preferred way. To achieve this doneness, one should cook the meat at 55-57 degrees C.


Medium, here the steak’s colour turns from red to light pink and is cooked at 60-63 degree C.


Medium well. For this doneness the steak is cooked throughout, only showing a hint of pink in its colour. The ideal temperature to achieve this would be from 65-69 degrees C.


Well done aka how to waste a good steak. The steak is cooked at around 71 degrees C to completely cook it inside, removing any pinkness.